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    Melamina Packer

    University of Cambridge

    Global coursework is offering very quality learning materials and sources that have helped me a lot to do my coursework and sort out the questions of my coursework. I appreciate continuing its activities with more resources.



    University of Warwick

    I was facing great challenges in my marketing module coursework. I was totally unable to understand how the questions can be solved, how report format can be developed. However, when I studied the resources in portal of Global Coursework, it has been very easy and I have solved the problem.


    James Stephan

    London School of Economics

    Finance and accounting activities were always difficult for me. I scared a lot when I faced any financial and accounting related exam or coursework. But, after studying the materials on the website of Global Coursework, I have learned a lot. Now, I am really confident to work with major financial and accounting activities.


    Susan Jackson

    Cardiff University

    Structuring a thesis work was too challenging for me.  I tried to study several books and journals but I faced difficulties to realize how to develop a standard structure for my thesis/dissertation at my post-graduation degree. Fortunately, one of the thesis samples in Global Coursework has cleared my idea and I have succeeded at the end.



    Imperial College London

    I was not familiar about how to find out a research topic and develop a research proposal. I studied many books and websites, but I could clear my concept. At the end, Global Coursework has provided me guideline that has clear my concept, and now I am confident to develop research proposal on any research topic.

    Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly

    As we all have smartphones nowadays, being mobile-friendly is so important. We know that and we made your theme to be mobile friendly so anyone will be happy when they visit your online learning course site.